Monday, June 18, 2012

Ron Popeil Olive Oil Fryer

I am going to be in the next Ron Popeil informercial for his new Olive Oil Fryer and Steamer! So, I have been working on some fantastic recipes. I am determined to get some of my recipes into his recipe book. The major selling point about this fryer is that you can safely and easily cook a 15 lb turkey in 45 minutes. Of course that's fantastic if you eat meat but I don't. However, this is an amazing machine and I have made tons of yummy recipes which have no meat, no dairy and no gluten which is a least a little healthier.
Even though olive oil is healthier than other types of oils, I may have to get together with Richard Simmons again after creating all these fried recipes.

I'm very excited to say I have my new thanksgiving turkey replacement. I'm not a big fan of the Tofurkey roast though I love their deli slices. So, since they were on the whole turkey kick, the first thing I made was a tofu turkey. I used Ron's amazing flavor injector to make my tofu full of flavor. I will post the recipe of how I did it at a later date as I  don't want to give away my recipes yet in case they get used in the cookbook! The whole recipe took less than 15 minutes to make and it was super easy and delicious! The next thing I made was breaded tofu nuggets. I used the flavor injector again and I also made a gluten-free breading using almond meal. It's tasty but I'm still perfecting it. I also wanted to make a few dessert recipes so I made fried bananas breaded again with almond meal and also shredded coconut, fried strawberries, which taste like an amazing jelly doughnut and my most decadent recipe I like to call cherry bombs which is basically chocolate covered cherries fried in a coconut mixture. If you've had fried chocolate covered cherries, I can guarantee they weren't as good as mine. They are also pretty simple to make and are sugar-free and gluten-free.

Anyway, since I'm not giving away my recipes yet, I'll tell you about this fryer. It is a great little machine and all the extra pieces, except the steaming attachment, that came with it fit inside for easy storage. I got some cool extras with the machine that I will definitely use.

The most surprising is the carving knife. It's designed for carving meat but it's amazing. It slices lots of things with ease. I of course haven't tried it on a tin can or anything crazy but it is definitely equal in quality to our Cutco knife set.

I also got the flavor injector which I mentioned earlier. It is a flavor injector. Its got a syringe and a giant hollow needle which comes with a warning not to use on anything other than food. The frightening thing is that is would work on a person- if you had massive veins like a bodybuilder. Please don't inject yourself with anything though cause that could kill you. My sister is actually somewhat disgusted by it. I guess it doesn't bother me due to my medical background and the fact that I'm only injecting tofu. Hmm wonder why I never thought to bring a needle home from blood draws to inject flavor into my food rather than marinate it? Anyway, I have big plans for this flavor injector and I'm really excited to develop more recipes with it.

Another thing I am excited about but I haven't received it yet. It's a cool contraption that you used to bread anything rather easily without getting your hands dirty. I haven't used yet so I can't really go into detail but it will cut down on the time it takes to prepare some of my simple recipes so I'm looking forward to getting that.

There's also a cool little slicer coming. It's called the Spiral Slicer. It's a really simple contraption but it will slice a potato into really thin potato chips in just seconds. It's pretty cool to see it in action but it slices really fast and would made pretty vegetable garnishes or whatever. I am sure I will find some creative uses for that one. It was actually made by Ron Popeil's dad in Chicago, IL.
Vintage Picture of the Spiral Slicer

So, I am really excited to get back in my kitchen and make more cool recipes. I've got to come up with some cool ideas for the steamer. I know I haven't posted in a while but trust me, these upcoming recipes will be worth the wait. ;-)


  1. Olive oil is healthy for you when used sparingly for flavor, not to have food immersed in it frying for over 30 minutes. Not to mention how expensive Extra Virgin Olive Oil is, & you want to use first cold pressed - $$$$$.
    I think Ron made a big mistake with this one. And, I can buy a steamer for $20. I'm sure Steve Bryant will sing & dance to get this one sold.
    Sorry, but I won't be suckered into this one.

  2. I agree. It's definitely not what I would eat on a regular basis. Frying food is not healthy, but using olive oil instead of other oils is healthier. I think he's going for the people who are going to want to fry a thanksgiving turkey which is very popular. Also, he recommends pure olive oil as opposed to extra virgin which can be purchased rather inexpensively from Costco. Plus it come with filters which extends the life of the oil. It's not for everyone but I am excited to make some fun recipes for special occasions.